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Not much is known about Vexel or how she ended up living with Pixel. It's even assumed that "Vexel" isn't her real name, and while she insists that her past is almost entirely unremarkable, the suspicious way she manages to change the subject whenever tasked with speaking about herself only serves to make others more curious, even if she truly is as ordinary as she claims to be.



Despite her sightly figure and gentle face, Vexel is unabashedly a rough-and-tumble, skirt-chasing guy's-girl (just a shame she isn't into guys). She's excitable, intense, and physical in nature, however all these traits are noticeably subdued thanks to her chronic lack of sleep that she attempts to remedy with countless naps throughout the day. Vexel's definition of a "nap," however, is drifting into a low-energy state where she loses the ability to process complex thoughts and reduces her locomotive ability to simple head movements and shoulder shrugs. No one has ever claimed to see her fully asleep (even when more energetic than usual she just claims it to be a result of a highly extended nap), and the notion that a human can function off of this type of rest alone without going insane is nothing short of a miracle.

Daily Life Edit

99% of the things Vexel does fall under one of two categories: writing doujinshi, and getting inspiration for writing doujinshi. A regular practice for her is to draw out a few panels in the middle of watching an anime for the first time or even during conversation, while somehow still attentively contributing to said conversation.

Working as a Doujinka Edit

Vexel specializes in visceral action, and her main role in both her primary circle and her side project (literally called Side Proj SP) with Pixel is illustrating covers and intense, detailed panels. She also likes to give her input on plot direction and dialogue, but isn't too concerned about how much she influences the writing of her doujins.

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  • Oddly enough, Vexel shares Blaze's habit of drinking coffee solely for the taste and not its caffeine. Unlike Blaze, she actually does partake in pick-me-ups in the form of tea.
  • Anyone who pays attention to how well-rested Vexel is can tell how much inspiration she has; if her eyes aren't heavy and she can actually stand straight, chances are she has a severe case of writer's block.


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